iii Sensory Kit #3 - Komorebi

Matteo Marangoni and Dieter Vandoren
Sound Creature

This iii sensory kit is an environmental audiovisual instrument that generates music from the moving shadows of trees. You can bring it with you on a walk to the park or put it in your garden and listen to how the music changes in tune with the weather.

Available to order now.

iii Sensory Kit #2 - ArtScience Body

Lauren Jetty
Experimental Perfume

This kit will provide you with the materials needed to create the perfume ‘ArtScience Body’ yourself; already in suitable dilutions, quantities and with pipettes and a bottle for your finished perfume.

Set up a miniature perfume lab at home, smell the materials separately, observe how they change when blended together, as well as over time.

Available to order now

iii Sensory Kit #1 - Tang

Wen Chin Fu
Sugar Instrument

Sugar instrument ‘Tang‘ is a musical instrument made of an everyday product – sugar. This kit contains the materials and instructions to make sugar instruments at home in your kitchen. 

Available to order now

audio-DH - sonic manifestations by 250 creators from Den Haag / The Hague

high capacity USB memory card with 195 tracks by 250 creators from The Hague selected by 50 curators + 3 full-concert recombinant performances by autonomous composition software

concept and direction: Francisco López


Jeroen Uyttendale & Dewi de Vree

book + DVD

drawings, photos and performance on video

text by Hicham Khalidi

No Patent Pending, self-made performative media

Edited by Matteo Marangoni

Designed by Studio Luc Derycke

84 pages, 17 x 24 x 1.5 cm, 500 grams, loose leaf prints + box
Limited edition of 800, numbered