Jeroen Uyttendale & Dewi de Vree

60 pages, 20 x 29 cm + DVD
edition of 300
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In the audio-visual performance ‘Ground’, Dewi de Vree and Jeroen Uyttendaele render the acoustic tactile. Fascinated by ways of rematerialising an increasingly dematerialised world, their work can be seen as an attempt to approach electronic music in an intuitive and engaging manner. Using graphite, a material that conducts electricity, they make drawings that become an integral part of an electronic circuit. The drawings function as the interface to control the volume, pitch and amplitude of a series of electronic sound generators. As the lines drawn intersect or encounter other conductive elements – such as the hands of the performers – the sound is modulated. The result is a performance that blends senses together, creating tension between the unpredictable, aleatoric qualities of the instrument and the order of lines that the performers impose upon it, which form the rudimentary ‘score’ of the piece. This book presents a collection of 51 of these graphite drawings and is accompanied by a video recording of ‘Ground’ performed by the artists at Studio Loos in The Hague.



“The conductive properties of graphite have been used by sound artists in different ways […] but there is a different combination of the available elements that can be put into practice – one even more sensorially engaging […] J.Uyttendaele and D. de Vree, go on to explore the performative aspect of this medium”
– Neural magazine

“… twee kunstenaars die weliswaar geboeid zijn door het geluid, maar minstens zo’n aandacht hebben voor de visuele kant van het werk. De  tekeningen van lijnen, hele en halve cirkels, rauwe grafiek, hebben een esthetische waarde op zichzelf en daarmee is het boek al mooi om telkens door te bladeren”
-Gonzo (circus)


Publisher: iii with AudioMER
Text: Hicham Khalidi
Design:  Ruud Ruttens & Jeroen Wille in coversation with Jeroen Uyttendaele
Photography: Ruud Ruttens & Jeroen Wille (drawings), iii (performances) Joeri Thiry / STUK (back cover)
Distribution: N.E.W.S.
ISBN 978 94 9232 120 6

Produced with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL