Chrysalis at STEIM

Connector VIII
February 1, 2018
STEIM, Amsterdam

Marije Baalman will be presenting Chrysalis on Connector VIII at STEIM.

A cocoon lies on stage, barely recognisable in the dim light. An almost static chord is sounding in the space. The light changes in color – the chord is changing slowly in pitch and texture. The cocoon seems to move – the light seems to get brighter and gradually shift color. Suddenly a fast movement – a sound erupts into the space, the light flashes – then again everything quiets down – the movement, the sound, the light.

In Chrysalis the focus is on slow movements and the body as a whole – becoming conscious of the minimal movements within and of the body. These minimal movements are amplified through the use of sensors and light and sound, and physical connections to the cocoon-like structure.

Marije Baalman – artistic concept, performance, sensing systems, code, sound and light design Kobakant (Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner­Wilson) – cocoon design, textile sensing
Chris Kiefer – machine learning algorithm design