Klepsydra at TodaysArt

TodaysArt 2018
September 21-22, 2018
TBA, The Hague
Philip Vermeulen will present his installation “Klepsydra” at TodaysArt.

“In the first room, the light slowly dims. The viewer is asked to give his/her mobile or all other object which can make light. After 5 minutes the eyes are getting used to the dimmed light. Almost. A person brings the viewer all alone to the second room. This room is completely pitch dark.  Due the complete darkness small after images can occur.  The viewer is standing in front of the installation. Which, do to the darkness is not visible. The different black grids in combination with extreme small amount of light plays and explores the possibilities of after images. By playing with pulses of light it is possible to ‘surf on the after image’ of the viewer.  The grid textile makes a abstract world of infinity patterns and grids visible.”