No Patent Pending #31 at STUK

March 27th 2018
STUK, Leuven

Performances by: Myriam Bleau, Doron Sadja, Erfan Abdi, Dieter Vandoren and Matteo Marangoni

Spinning tops, robotic fireflies, dynamic sculptures of light and sound. The 31th edition of iii’s nomadic performance series No Patent Pending returns to STUK, Leuven’s house for Dance Image and Sound. iii presents a program of performances by artists and inventors who create unique experiences for the senses and the body. This edition will focus on digitally augmented objects and spaces. The potential of computation is harnessed to connect bodily gestures with sensorial stimuli, exploring new and radical ways to make music.

Erfan Abdi will perform Notesaaz, a work of delicate audio-visual craftmanship based on the immediacy of instrumental improvisation, in duo with Ben Terwel. Myriam Bleau will perform her spectacular Soft Revolvers. Using spinning tops as interfaces to remix samples from house and techno, she ingeniously combines playful simplicity with aesthetically refined virtuosity. Matteo Marangoni and Dieter Vandoren explore artificial life in embodied form with Lampyridae, a swarm of electronic fireflies that create generative spatial music inspired by animal communication in nature. The program will end with a performance of We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Doron Sadja, which borrows it’s title from american pop singer Taylor Swift in order to propose the concept of audiovisual prism, deconstructing white light and white noise in an immersive light and sound experience with romantic overtones.