No Patent Pending #26


No Patent Pending #26

January 29th, 15:00

Tetem, Enschede

Works by: Doron Sadja, Wen Chin Fu and David Scheidler

In occasion of the finissage for Doron’s Sadja solo exhibition “We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together”, iii presents a performance program investigating our senses, movement and the human body.

Doron Sadja will perform with the instrumentation constituting his installation currently on show in Tetem’s medialab space, exploring its extended spatial and sensorial potentials. Working with the plasticity of the body, Wen Chin Fu will perform “Spine Spinning”, a piece inspired by the chronophotograhic studies of Muybridge and Maray, revealing the motion of the human spine through an especially made electronic costume. David Scheidler will perform a new work using turntables and acoustic test signals, using the most basic building blocks of sound to discover the inner intricacies of the acoustic world.

No Patent Pending is a nomadic performance series presenting radical interdisciplinary practices that engage with sound, image, space and the body. Imagining new tools to articulate everyday phenomena, extending the body, remapping sense perceptions, hacking and reinventing existing media and codes, creating time and space for events which find their preferred storage medium in the memory of participants.