The electronic devices we use on everyday basis communicate between each other without us even being aware of it. Phone and computer apps can be sending data inadvertently across the globe at any time.

Taking their name from the scientific denomination of the family of the fireflies, the Lampyridae are artificial creatures which communicate exclusively within a local area by exchanging signals that are situated entirely within the range of human perception. The Lampyridae are small portable, handheld devices that communicate between each other by emitting and receiving light and sound signals. The Lampyridae are also parasites. Lacking the means for locomotion, they rely on humans to move around and find their mates.

The work is presented as an audio-visual performance during which the devices are handed out to the audience.  Audience members act as carriers of the autonomous objects, facilitating the emergence of swarm-like behaviors as the devices communicate between each other in space.

3D design and fabrication assistance: Chi Ha Ucciso Il Conte / STEIM
electronics design and fabrication assistance: Daan Johan

listen to audio documentation

short video segment from TodaysArt 2014