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Announcing the start of iii’s 2018 program

We are excited to announce the start of iii’s 2018 program. Between March and May iii will be hosting a dense program of activities, with many guests working and presenting at our workspace. At our new space in Moerwijk, artists with diverse backgrounds will explore different modes of working with sound, vision, space, time and movement, sharing the attitude: take nothing for granted, start from scratch and reinvent it your own way. Starting in 2018, iii’s guest residency program opens up to local artists, who will work side by side with our (inter)national guests.

The Reading Room series continues at Stroom Den Haag with two editions focusing on the topic of “Time in the Age of Algorithms” on March 4th and May 22nd. Guests Yvonne FörsterJaime del ValWarrick Roseboom and Joel Ryan will be guiding a discussion over texts by Mark Hansen, Erin Manning, Timothy Barker as well as their own writings.

The residency program kicks off with Azimuth, a new platform for electroacoustic music, who has invited Francisco López, Erik Nyström, Marie Guilleray, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Casper Schipper and Siamak Anvari to develop and present new work for a custom multichannel speaker setup designed by Azimuth for iii’s project space. The new work will be present during two concert programs at our workspace on March 23rd and 24th.

Canadian audio-visual artist Myriam Bleau will develop a new performance for a constellation of luminous physical interfaces, inspired by pendulum effects explored in works such as Poème Symphonique by Ligeti or Swinging Speakers by Gordon Monahan. The Hague based composers Ilya Ziblat Shay and Roi Nachshon will collaborate on a new work using a prepared double bass as an electro-mechanical synthesizer.  Instrument maker and perfomer Dianne Verdonk will be working on a new solo album fusing folk and electroacoustic music, using self-made instruments to accompany her singing voice. Natalie Fyfe and Yun Ingrid Lee will conduct a workshop on score-making for non musicians, while Jochem van Tol will research different approaches to create scores and develop performance routines around newly invented instruments. The Hague based sound artist Matthias Konig and Hong Kong exchange artist Fiona Lee will both develop and present new work in iii’s project space. Copenhagen based larp designer Nina Essendrop will introduce our community to the participatory performance format of larp.

Guest residents will be presenting their work during two editions of our performance series No Patent Pending at our workspace in The Hague on April 5th and May 4th. A touring edition of the series will also be presented at STUK in Leuven on March 27th.

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iii’s program is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL, Stroom Den Haag and the Municipality of The Hague.