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iii November Music booklet

“A group of modern-time alchemists. They long to transform base metals into gold, using the latest technologies and the most outrageous ideas. They are eager to deploy unusual applications and make combinations that are without precedent. Instrument Inventors Initiative is an artist collective that aims to construct aural and visual utopias, using homemade instruments, installations, sound equipment, and media technology”

A booklet about iii was printed by November Music, here is the digital version.


text: Mark van de Voort

photography: Ed Jansen, Frank Baldé

translation: Moze Jacobs
graphic design: Bart Smit, De Twee Snoeken
commissioned by: November Music
printed in 500 exemplars
with the support of:
Stichting Cultuurfonds ’s-Hertogenbosch
Danish Composers’ Society / KODA’s Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes
Stroom Den Haag
November Music