iii is an artist-run-platform for research, production, presentation and distribution of radical interdisciplinary practices based in The Hague.

iii promotes artistic research and creation centered around the development of self-made instruments and performative media which engage with the four dimensions of image, sound, space, and the body.

Inventing new instruments and presentation formats, iii brings the laboratory to the stage and offers unique, playful experiences to all audiences.

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Self-direction: the activities of iii are project based. The programming of iii follows a bottom up approach that combines proposals from members and artists from the broader community that iii operates in. All projects of iii stem from individual visions.

International excellence in sound and media artiii promotes The Hague as an international centre of excellence in the field of experimental sound and media art. Through the residency program iii invites to The Hague some of the most internationally established artists and exceptional young talents in this field. At the same time through the circulation program iii connects artists based in The Hague to an international network.

Talent developmentAs the founding members of iii progress in their own professional development, they are also committed to maintaining iii as a platform supporting younger artists. This is done by keeping close connections to the student community of the Royal Academy and Conservatory. iii’s program involves students and new graduates at every level: within the organisation, as artists and as audience.

Fair payment practicesiii strongly believes that artists and cultural workers should always receive adequate compensation for their work. At iii the organisation and project managers are only paid after all other project participants have received fair compensation. iii follows the guidelines for the minimum honoraria established by Platform BK and Mondriaan funds.

Cultural diversityReflecting the international environment of the artist community in The Hague, the organisation of iii includes citizens of 16 nationalities. Also for this reason iii is especially sensitive to the challenges that non-natives experience in finding their place within Dutch society.