About iii

iii is an artist run, community platform supporting new interdisciplinary practices linking performance, technology and the human senses. Arising from the ArtScience tradition of The Hague, iii strives to balance technological innovation, theoretical reflection and human experience. iii contributes to international developments in the field of Art, Science & Technology, functioning both as a cultural incubator supporting research and creation, and as an agency connecting creators to a broad audience via a wide (inter)national partner network.

iii's mission is to

Inspire people to develop their own ways of engaging with technology through art

Share beautiful and unique experiences connecting technology and the senses

Discover new forms of physicality, sociality and community in a post-digital world

Encourage community building, participation and social entrepreneurship across disciplinary, geographical and cultural boundaries

Core values on which iii’s program is based

International Excellence, iii promotes research and creation in the field of Art, Science & Technology at the highest international level

Talent Development
, iii offers a platform where the most dedicated new talents can jump-start their professional art practice

Cultural Diversity
, iii promotes participation from people with all backgrounds in the processes of technological innovation

Fair Pay
, iii provides work that is creatively and financially rewarding, while also advocating on behalf of financially vulnerable groups