Public Program

iii’s public program consists of performances, lectures, and workshops which are hosted by iii in The Hague. These events include ongoing series such as No Patent Pending and The Reading Room, as well as one-off productions.


Through the guest residency program iii invites artists to work for a period in The Hague. Residencies facilitate cooperation and exchange between artists working in different scenes and are always inserted within iii’s program through multiple activities.


iii’s agency mediates between artists and a broad range of partners, distributing both individual works and fully curated programs. This facilitates the development of new context-specific commissions as well as the presentation of existing works. Here is a history of iii’s circulation program.


In order to support the creation of new autonomous artworks in the field of interdisciplinary performance with new instruments and technologies, through the production program iii commissions and supports the development of new work from both local and international artists.


Creating vehicles through which ephemeral experiences focusing on the here and now can have a continued life in fixed media, iii editions produces and distributes artist publications.