iii Agency

iii functions as an artist-run agency since 2013, promoting cutting edge work in Art, Science & Technology internationally and facilitating the circulation of artists.

The research conducted within iii finds output in the form of performances, exhibitions, workshops and artist talks in the context of cultural festivals, music and theatre venues, museums, art galleries, academic conferences and research centers.

iii caters to audiences which are curious and eager for new experiences. iii offers experiences that are situated in the real world, that use a combination of unprecedented yet accessible technologies to harness physical and perceptual phenomena in ways that press at the boundaries of ordinary human experience.

The agency offers both individual works and fully curated shows. Shows curated by iii can present a selection of existing works as well as a program of completely new commissions developed for a specific space and occasion.

In 2019 the circulation program of iii reached record results: over 80 presentations, reaching over 30,000 visitors in The Netherlands and over 10,000 abroad.

What we offer

Distinctive portfolio of artists focused on Art, Science & Technology

Connection to new talent (talent scouting)

Talent exchange through residency programs

Curatorial expertise (co-curation and program consulting)

Co-production (co-funding for presentation opportunities, production expertise)

Knowledge exchange

Access to network in The Netherlands

Who we are looking for

Presentation partners searching for adventurous new content for their program

Museums and Institutions capable of offering audience reach and revenue to our artist pool

Peer organisations interested in program exchanges

Organisations outside of the arts who would like access to our knowledge and community