Lauren Jetty

Lauren Jetty is an artist, performer, musician, lecturer and educator; often blurring the lines between these roles. Curiosity and conversation drive Lauren’s practice; she presents scenarios that bring the familiar into the realm of the magical.

She specialises in the ‘other’ senses (taste, touch and smell), with a particular interest in the cross-modality of scent and sound. Each of the senses plays a role in the reception or perception of the others. The collaboration and contradiction of senses can be utilised to create playful and surprising physical sensory experiences. This physicality of experience is important in an increasingly digital and digitised world. The ‘other’ senses require this physicality and intimacy.

Lauren currently lives in The Hague, where she has a studio at TRIXIE and is part of the iii team in her role of Communication Manager. She also teaches a course on the practical application of scent in artwork, and an introduction to the primitive senses at KABK.