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Crowdfunding campaign: How to Defend Yourself from Danger at Fringe Festival

From September 13 to 16, iii and theater makers o k a p i present “How to defend yourself from danger” at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 

To support this series of performances, we are running a voordekunst crowdfunding campaign.

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About “How to defend yourself from danger”

LOUD! BRIGHT! EXPLOSIVE! Common dangers against which protocols protect us. On the threshold of risk and regulation we look for creative experience. In this participative music theatre performance you will learn to protect yourself from real and imagined aggressors. Can we take control of our fears by taking control of our perceptions? Safety first or last, don’t shout FIRE in the theater.

Playing the apparatus of the theater like an instrument, we create a theatrical experience that engages the audience to manipulate their senses. Will you opt in or out?

Tickets to the performances are available here