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Dianne Verdonk Interviewed on Jegens & Tevens

In this interview on Jegens & Tevens, artist in residence Dianne Verdonk talks about her instruments, the physicality of sound, what music is to her, and inspiration outside of music.

“During my residency, I’m focusing more on sound ‘textures’, like noises and layers that are non-pitched, rather than on pitch and harmony. These are musical ingredients that I like a lot and can introduce unpredictable elements. I’m working out the former ‘Pulseyarn’ right now; a physical ‘sequencer’ to make rhythms. It’s a pendulum that swings its light over objects on the ground, which will make a sound when that happens. This way, it can play circular patterns. The patterns, however, change since the pendulum swings slightly different each round, so it will include or exclude objects (and sounds) over time. It will be part of the bunch of instruments with which I hope to create an album with. I hope they enable me to compose with the new instruments in a way that feels natural to my body and as a fluid way of making and performing music.”

Read the full interview here.