The easiest way to begin is to lay the contents of the kit out on a table in numerical order.

Place a pipette in front of each bottle.

Place the ArtScience Body perfume bottle in front of everything.

Do not screw the lid of the perfume bottle on until the end. If you have screwed it on already you can pry the clear drop cap off with pliers, a knife or tweezers.

You are ready to begin transferring contents from the numbered bottles to the perfume bottle with the pipettes.

Use a different pipette for each material so that the contents of the bottles does not become contaminated.

You will notice that some of the bottles have lines marked on the side.

Use the line as a guide to the amount of material to transfer.

Stop to smell each material separately as well as during the blending.

Drop the contents into the perfume bottle.

Notice how the smell changes during this process as well as over time.

1. To the line
2. To the line
3. To the line
4. To the line
5. To the line
6. 9 drops
7. 7 drops
8. 7 drops
9. 7 drops
10. 1 drop
11. 1 drop

There will be enough material left over to make more of the ArtScience Body perfume or to experiment with different combinations and amounts to create your own version.

Wear – Smell – Join the ArtScience Body!