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Erfan Abdi on Between Air and Electricity

Erfan Abdi’s new performance “Points of Contact” was reviewed on Between Air and Electricity – Microphones and Loudspeakers as Instruments

“During the performance Erfan is sitting in the cage, an intriguing image for a music performance. The movements of his head towards the thin cage bars seem to underline the scenery of a bird locked in against his will. But it is with the resulting sounds that this bird seems to be able to leave the cage: the variety of sounds not only enlarge the musical possibilities of this set-up, but also give the impression that the music can sonically fly away from the cage. The bird might seem to be locked in visually but sonically it is free to come and go.”

Read about the technical setup of “Points of Contact” and listen to excerpts of the performance at STEIM on September 2017.