_Fermenting Data: Aarhus 8000-8220_ featuring iii member Jonathan Reus

17/09/2021 – 16/10/2021
Spanien gallery and Andromeda, Gellerup, Denmark
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What if data could be fermented? What would fermented data look like, how would it smell and sound? Who would share it and with whom? Could it be eaten? Could it be passed on and exchanged? Who would decide how this is done?

Fermenting Data is a speculation on how data practices could be different. Rather than staying within the dominant data processing models based on capture, extraction and surveillance, we take inspiration from symbiotic relations between microbes, plants, and human cultures related to food processing and preservation, to intervene and invent fermenting data practices.

Sphagnum Time

Concept & Artistic Direction: Sissel Marie Tonn

Digital Environment and Animation: Martin Menso & Sissel Marie Tonn

Music Composition & Sound: Jonathan Reus

Voice Performance: Stephanie Pan, Florian de Backere Project Support:
Chee Yee Tang

In Sphagnum Time we encounter three bog bodies who were never found by the peat diggers of the 20th century. Sacrificed to the bog thousands of years ago, they have obtained a new form of subjectivity beyond the human, one that spans across the ecological circumstances they became part of; of acidic water, sphagnum mosses, trapped methane gas, and the bacterial ecosystems maintaining the bog. In the installation, the bog bodies act as guides for a sub surface undergoing change. They communicate with us an understanding of time and change that seems beyond our reach, one that requires listening to and observing the subjectivities and rhythms that span beyond the lived experiences of humans.

Working with photogrammetry scans of bog bodies from Moesgaard Museum (DK) and Drents Museum (NL), which support the process of converting photographs into 3D digital models, Sissel Marie Tonn invites us to meditate on time and changing environments as the three bog bodies murmur and chant the seasonal rhythms of life and post-life cycles entangled within sphagnum ecosystems.