BodyScores composing for stones residency with Marit Mihklepp at CLOUD/Danslab

BodyScores residency with Marit Mihklepp: Composing for Stones

June 22-23, 2019
CLOUD/Danslab, The Hague

Bodyscores is a score-making workshop series for non-musicians facilitated by Yun Ingrid Lee and Natalie Fyfe. The workshop introduces different ways of composing and score-making for various kinds of performance. On June 22, Yun and Natalie will be collaborating on a residency with artist Marit Mihklepp, who has been researching the scientific, cultural and mythological history of stones.

The three artists will be experimenting with the full spectrum of sonic and performative possibilities of stones and develop a workshop for writing for stones.