Cathy van Eck at November Music

Cathy van Eck is presenting “Empty Chairs” at November Music Festival
November 3, 2019
Bij Katrien, Den Bosch

The Belgian / Dutch sound artist and composer, Cathy van Eck is a researcher in heart and soul, but one of the rare poetic kind. Her artistic work consists of performances with live electronics and installations with sound objects, which she often designs herself. Cathy works closely with performers to develop her pieces, and sometimes she creates a personal fantasy world full of absurd traits on her own.

Cathy van Eck excels in musical performances in which she is always looking for a new role for everyday objects. During the Art Music Route, she shows some surprising samples in which the influence of Dadaism and surrealism is never far away. A world is full of wonder where every detail counts. In In Paradisum (2019) she eats an apple and tries to find the ideal sound for eating an apple. During Empty Chairs (2018), she places chairs in different positions. With the help of sensors under the seats, every movement and location of the chair also becomes a change in the musical composition. The space between the seats and the microphone is filled with sound.