Online Crystal Radio Workshop with Peter Flemming Day 2 – Transmitter

May 17, 2020
Streamed online. Details to be confirmed
16:00 – 20:00
Facilitator: Peter Flemming (iii resident artist)
Language: English

Fee: €15 (includes kit). Purchase here
Soldering kit rental (Only available in The Hague): €5 with €65 deposit. Pay here

This information is about day 2 of the Crystal Radio Workshop. Click here for information on day 1.
Note: while these workshops are complimentary, they are standalone, it is possible to take just one and not the other.

Ever wanted to make your own small radio station?

In this workshop participants will assemble a simple working AM radio transmitter that they will be able to hear on a regular radio. You will able to transmit your voice, sounds, music etc. 

Along the way you’ll learn a bit about how radios and antennas work and why they are magic. We’ll also look at where to get parts and how to continue learning on your own. If you are also making the cat’s whisker receiver (crystal radio workshop 1) you will be able use it to hear your transmissions. 

Bring audio you want to listen too

No previous experience required

In this workshop you will learn:

  • radio theory 101
  • basic electronic tools and concepts
  • radio signal interception
  • schematic comprehension 
  • solid soldering techniques
  • how to make-do with paper clips, rusty razor blades, toilet paper tubes and coat hangers when sophisticated telecom equipment is not available
  • electronic circuit troubleshooting

Note: This is a companion workshop to crystal radio workshop 1: cat’s whisker receiver

summary of kit contents :

  • 1 megahertz “crystal in a can” (for generating transmitter frequency)  
  • small audio transformer (for modulating transmit frequency)
  • wire, small breadboard
  • battery clip, wire connectors, alligator clips, audio cable