Philip Vermeulen at TodaysArt 2018

TodaysArt 2018
September 21-23, 2018
TBA, The Hague
Philip Vermeulen will present his installations “Int / Ext” and “Flap Flap” at TodaysArt.

Int / Ext (Interior/Exterior) experiments with the littlest amount of light possible. Extreme small sums of light lets the audience experience after-images; highly subjective visual phenomena. By playing with pulses of light and inverted perspective in the material, Int/Ext ‘surfs’ on the retina of the viewer. It fades the border between the original stimulus, which was there in reality, and what the viewer’s brain forms internally. The installation creates abstract worlds of bottomless patterns, shadows and grids which play a game at the threshold of perception.

In Flap Flap, a stick moves up and down which makes a canvas of gigantic dimensions flutter, like some sort of mating dance. It starts seductively slow. It floats, it waves. Gradually transforming into aggressive flapping, it almost rips itself apart. It flaunts, it gasps. The fabric creates stroboscopic, hypnotic patterns as the square structure pulls and releases the canvas from each corner. Chaotic fluttering contrasts good-tempered waving, while the material is constantly testing its movement capacity in a rhythmic choreography