Ground at Sign Gallery for Drawing Front

Ground©Joeri Thiry, STUK Kunstencentrum-11

SIGN presents “Out Of My Hands” as part of DRAWING FRONT
April 30 until May 29, 2016
Artists: Thijs Zweers, Dewi de Vree & Jeroen Uyttendaele, Junyu Chen,
Marit Westerhuis, Wouter van Tilborg & Tim Romkes

DRAWING FRONT is a nationwide drawing manifestation. An initiative by
 Drawing Centre Diepenheim in which 20 art initiatives join among them SIGN.

VERNISAGE Saturday 30 April from 17.00 hrs. with the live streaming
 performance from Shanghai ‘A Unique Line’ by Junyu Chen, and drawing sessions by Marit Westerhof


FINISSAGE: Friday 27 May at 20.30 hrs. with ‘Ground’ , an audio visual 
performance by Dewi de Vree & Jeroen Uyttendaele, in which graphite
 drawings are used as an interface to control several electronic

In the exhibition “Out Of My Hands” new representations of drawing will
be shown in which technology or new media play an important role. The
drawing relates to another discipline (or the other way around) and
technology is applied to accomplish a transformation. A physical or
performative element is often part of the work. A different aesthetic
experience is being searched for.
Within the width of variations in this way of approaching SIGN wants to
contribute to the debate what defines drawing.