iii at Les Ateliers Claus


Les Ateliers Claus
October 27, 2018
Rue Crickx, Brussels
Entrance: €8

Artists: Erfan Abdi, Hans Beckers, Jeroen Uyttendaele

Erfan Abdi ‘Points of contact’

Points of Contact” is the title of a performance with two feedback loops; one inside a cage and one outside. In this work, the performer explores the boundaries formed by a cage around his head, and forms acoustic feedback loops by creating points of contact between physical objects that are equipped with transducers and contact microphones. This work is a continuation of an ongoing research about the ways in which one can observe vibration as it passes through a field of objects.

Jeroen Uyttendaele ‘Avlas’

AVlas is an audio-visual performance in which a metal mirror is simultaneously used as a resonator and a light-reflector.  A live-composed film of moving color gradients is projected on to the metal mirror while simultaneously a soundtrack is passed through the same mirror. The image and sound is manipulated by carefully moving, bending and touching the metal during the performance.