INCLUSIVE EXTENSIONS Shifting Borders by Design with Marije Baalman

INCLUSIVE EXTENSIONS Shifting Borders by Design with Marije Baalman
December 20, 2019
16:00 — 18:00
Het Huis, Utrecht

INCLUSIVE EXTENSIONS Shifting Borders is a discussion event co-organised by New Emergences and IMPAKT.

This series of events will focus on how art, design, and technology can adapt towards difference and inclusivity in society, recognizing all human value and agency. How accessible are our current design practices to people with disabilities, and what needs improvement?

These are the core questions in the first discussion event where researchers, artists, and designers, of different abilities, exchange ideas from their own field of expertise. Everyone is warmly invited to join and share their thoughts. This event will lay the foundation for a series of three design workshops on accessible design focused on visual impairment and a final presentation event by IMPAKT in 2020. The workshops aim for a substantial representation of people with disabilities, in the roles of the workshop leader, participant, and user.

Speakers: Marije Baalman (NL), Jacqueline Kool (NL), Amble Skuse (UK), Simon Dogger (NL)

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