Instrument Mapping Work Session with Marije Baalman

“Mapping my Mapping” Instrument Mapping Work Session
October 28-30, 2019
iii workspace, The Hague
Times TBA
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Marije Baalman will be facilitating an instrument mapping work session for instrument builders. The definition of instrument can be quite broad. The goal of the work session is for artists to work on documenting their own instrument, performance, installation or other interactive project outside of the implementation.

This process is guided by the workshop facilitator and the outcome and process is shared with the other artists participating in the workshop. In this way, a continuous dialogue is built up allowing for feedback on the own project.

After the work session, the participant should have a more in ­depth insight into his or her own work and gained insights from the projects of the other participants.

The work session is developed in conjunction with writing the book “Just a question of mapping – ins and outs of composing with realtime data”. For more information, please check the website.

Registration information 

To reserve a spot in this work session, please send the following information to

1. Name
2. Which project would you like to document and analyze during the meeting?
(Please share a brief description and links to any documentation you have of your instrument)
3. Your website
4. Brief motivation for participating