Jonathan Reus and Sissel Marie Tonn at reSense.MOV festival


July 14, 2016 – Sensory Cartographies Performance
July 15, 2016 – Artist talks

Location: SPEKTRUM | art science community, Bürknerstraße 12, Berlin

As part of the reSense.MOV festival, Jonathan Reus and Sissel Marie Tonn will perform a metasensation composition for the venue and urban surroundings in Berlin.
Wrapping up a day of work with local movement practitioners, the focus of the performance is on “inner movements” of the body, flows which function autonomically just outside the direct reach of conscious agency.


With the emergence of ever new technologies which increasingly digitize human bodies and movements in space, such as biosensors, VR and the internet of things, we investigate how we sense the world around us, how technology extends and aestheticizes our sensing and in which way our sensing and the generated data is represented and used. What’s more, we question how our movement is considerably influenced by emerging technologies and related processes and procedures and how the human body trained in one way or another can contribute to or even shape the development of new technologies.

Call for participation: