Matteo Marangoni at Fluid Memory conference

Saturday January 27th
The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Media Parkboulevard 1, 1217 WE Hilversum

In occasion of Open Set Lab‘s closing conference, focusing on the theme “Memories of the Future”, Matteo Marangoni will represent the artist platform iii. His contribution will take as a starting point the notion of archives as resources for action, presenting examples of artworks which explore through performance forgotten, imaginary and speculative branches of media history.

Full program info and registration here.

Theme: Memories of the Future

In light of the increasing complexity and uncertainty of the political, environmental and social challenges humanity is facing now, a growing number of events and publications are addressing the necessity and difficulty of envisioning alternative futures. There seems to be an urge for re-engaging with our heritage and memories, not only as the ‘source’ of the present condition but, paradoxically, as an instrument for planning the future. How can we de-mystify our historical conventions, re-contextualize our previous experience, give it new meaning based on present conditions and transform it for the future? How do we preserve the traces of the past, and how do we make sense of them in the digital age? Whether it be social network platforms, carefully curated collections, or state archives, how we archive and what we archive are unavoidable aspects that determine our memory.

The Lab investigates the power of agency held by designers and artists to create new tools, ways of thinking and visual or performative narratives that can reactivate our memory – and as a result, open up futuristic pluralities. However, the complexity of the global challenges described above calls for a concerted effort of research expertise in the domains of the arts, humanities, philosophy and technology.

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