Modern Body Laboratory #3: Portals

Saturday 27th November
iii workspace, Willem Dreespark 312, 2531 SX, The Hague
17:00 – 20:00
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Current restrictions due to Covid-19 can be found HERE
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Modern Body Laboratory is a performative exhibition organized by Stichting Modulus (Stephanie Pan and Stelios Manousakis), presenting new intermedia performances and installations. This 3rd Laboratory edition is an exhibition that opens portals to different worlds, offering new perspectives to our surroundings.
Featuring: ‘Rave Séance’, an audiovisual performance-installation by Marko Ciciliani (AT/HR); ‘The Sasha’, a film by María Molina Peiró (NL/ES); ‘Future Voices / Zukunftsmusik – takeover edition no.3 : Portals, a performative sound installation by The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits (DE), with takeover by Ji Youn Kang (NL/KR); and ‘An Absurdist Archive of Isolation: a full body workout radio play’ by Bridget Fiske (UK/AU) / Joseph Lau (UK/AU) / Stelios Manousakis (NL/GR) / Stephanie Pan (NL/US)

Modern Body Laboratory #3: Portals is presented by the Modern Body platform and iii, in collaboration with iMAL and with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NLThe Municipality of The Hague, Performing Arts Fund NL and EASTN-DC.