NL_CL #1: The Future of Music

March 28, 2020
iii workspace, The Hague
19:30 – 23:00
Entrance: €5 – €10 (sliding scale)
Curator: Felipe Ignacio Noriega
Performances by: Shelly Knotts (UK), Kofi Oduro (Canada), Rafaele Andrade (nl_cl), Raphael Sousa Santos (nl_cl), Robert van Heumen (nl_cl)

NL_CL (Netherlands Coding Live) is a self-organized assembly of live coding artists based in The Netherlands. NL_CL organizes monthly gatherings, discussions, concerts and other cultural activities to help bring together and give a platform to this community. In 2020 NL_CL is partnering with iii to present a concert and workshop series presenting three hypotheses on the performative practice of live coding each by a different guest curator from the NL_CL community. The goal of this series is to explore the variety and potentials in the current state of live coding practice. The series is organized by Jonathan Reus.


We might have heard about live coding already. We might have heard about algoraves too. We might have read articles, tweets, and retweets about this new form of algorithmic music that some claim to be the future of electronic music. This concert will explore this idea, “the future of music”, by looking for the pioneers and artists who are pushing the boundaries of our musical understanding of live coding.

Breaking free from techno and dance music forms, the artists gathered for this live coding evening will show us how personal, innovative, and engaging their take on music is. They will challenge our idea of genres and styles, leading our ears and eyes through their very individual algorithmic and sonic worlds. This concert is a statement on live coding as a fresh and evolving performative genre, hard to pigeonhole, that expands beyond dance music into the realms of poetry, spoken word, composition, instrument making, functional programming, and interface design.

Noise, melodies, harmony, rhythm, and above all authentic musical expression, will come together on March 28th – welcoming international artists from the UK and Canada and promoting local talent within the Dutch live coding community.


Felipe Ignacio Noriega is a composer, programmer and live-coding artist born in Mexico City and is co-creator of the CodeKlavier together with Anne Veinberg. He collaborates in various settings where a common subject is the incorporation of coding as a performative and aesthetic principle. In March 2017 he was awarded a start-phase and development-phase grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL to develop the CodeKlavier.

is presented by iii with financial support from The Municipality of The Hague, Stroom Den Haag, The Creative Industries Fund NL and The Performing Arts Fund NL