NL_CL #3 THE ALGORAVE performance, photo: Zuzanna Zgierska

22 NOV 2020
19:30 – 23:00
ENTRY: €5-10 (sliding scale)
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Theme curated by Timo Hoogland

19.30 – 20.00 ~ performances by workshop participants

20.00 – 20.40 ~ & Sasj (NL)

20.40 – 21.20 ~ FloodComics (BE)

21.20 – 22.00 ~ Digital Selves (UK)

22.00 – 22.40 ~ Jobi & Sabrina (NL)

22.40 – 23.20 ~ Hogobogobogo (BE) and eerie_ear (NL)

You’ve perhaps heard of Algoraves, unique club nights where dance music and hypnotic visuals are programmed live. In an Algorave, the DJ and VJ set algorithmic processes into motion and work with those processes to create an evolving experience for their audience. All the activities of the performers are shown to the audience on large-screen projections as a gesture of openness and inclusiveness, making the audience also part of the experience.

IDM – Intelligent Dance Music – is the particular subgenre of Electronic Dance Music that uses mathematical processes in a computer to generate rhythm, melody and texture. The Algorave scene takes this concept to the next level by turning the creation of these processes into a live event. This re-raises some of the fundamental questions of generative art in a new context of improvised dance music – such as whether the computer is merely an instrument used by the performer, or does it become more of a collaborator with a life of its own?

With this Algorave we invite you to tune in, create a nice atmosphere, and take in some live and improvised algorithmic music from a wide range of EDM genres such as Industrial Techno, Acid, Gabber and House.

NL_CL (Netherlands Coding Live) is a self-organized assembly of live coding artists based in The Netherlands. NL_CL organizes monthly gatherings, discussions, concerts and other cultural activities to help bring together and give a platform to this community. In 2020 NL_CL is partnering with iii to present a concert and workshop series presenting three hypotheses on the performative practice of live coding each by a different guest curator from the NL_CL community. The goal of this series is to explore the variety and potentials in the current state of live coding practice.

Artist Bios (Timo Hoogland) is a computational artist, live coder, music technologist and educator from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. He livecodes experimental electronic dance music and develops generative audiovisual compositions, installations and performances. Timo graduated from the Masters of Music Design at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht, where he developed the live coding environment Mercury to research and develop algorithmic composition techniques and generative visuals in live coded audio-visual performances. He has an active role in organizing live coding meetups and Algoraves together with Creative Coding Utrecht, is part of the Netherlands Coding Live community and performed at various events and festivals such as ICLC, ADE, Gogbot, Tec-Art, Droidcon and React.He also works on various audiovisual projects ranging from live stop-motion animated audio-reactive visuals in the LoudMatter project, to generative visuals for Biophonica, a live electronic piece about mass extinction. As an educator he teaches creative system and sound design at the HKU Bachelor of Music Technology.

Sasj (Saskia Freeke) is an artist, creative coder, interaction designer, visual designer and educator. Her work addresses structure, geometry and playfulness. A significant part of her artistic practice is the ongoing daily art project she started in January 2015, in which she explores and experiments with generative patterns and animations. Starting 2019 she has extended her practice of expression by incorporating geometry and playfulness in live coded visual performances on stage. Saskia has been a lecturer in Physical Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London and taught visual design at the University of the Arts Utrecht School for Games and Interaction.

Sasj and

FloodComics (Daniel Scott) is an audiovisual artist from Austria and the UK, based in Brussels. He has been making electronic music since 2004 as PURPLEFISH, BEATZEBUB and FLOODCOMICS, ranging from ambient to noise, techno to tekno, with a love for beats both broken and straight and plenty of distortion. He is constantly experimenting with music technologies, like building and programming his own instruments and live coding. 

Digital Selves is a London-based computer musician, interdisciplinary artist and PhD researcher who uses the functional programming mini-language TidalCycles to create glitchy, computerised and improvised crunchy sounds and melodic texture. She has performed live computer music at various algoraves in the UK and internationally, and is interested in research at the intersections of human-computer interaction and computational creativity. 

Digital Selves

Jobi traverses the Dutch hardcore and algorave scenes, using custom software to create a proudly joyful mess of hard experimental pop. Through live coding, they mangle together samples from video games, heavy machinery and chart hits into chaotic club bangers. Playing their first ever show in July 2019, within 3 months Jobi played two shows at ADE, the world’s largest dance festival. 2020 started with shows in Colombia but the second half of the tour was cancelled due to Covid-19, cancelling shows in Norway, Denmark and the UK. Instead, they have been playing live streams in empty clubs live-streamed to thousands through the Dutch national broadcaster VPRO as well as DIY shows in virtual reality pyramids in the desert. Jobi is the alias of Jo Kroese, a data scientist, artist and musician based in Amsterdam. Their work focuses on using technology to make the world more joyful and just.

eerie_ear (Sebastian Pappalardo, Instagram @eerieear) explores new ways of combining digital media to create compelling textures and patterns. These broken fragments are a representation of the chaotic environment surrounding the confused citizens of the 21 century. On the fringes of the limits of technology there are dimensions of beauty and darkness. A universe to be explored with the heart and the mind.



The series is organized by Jonathan Reus and is supported financially by the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Municipality of The Hague.