No Patent Pending #3

Presenting a set of unique approaches to live performance the Instrument Inventors Initiative showcases a selection of different works exploring the relations between sound, image, space and the body. Each work responds to a specific question: What if sound could be drawn on paper with a pencil? What if a musical instrument could be literally merged with the body of the performer? How can a laptop be played as physical object?

The boundary between instruments as tools and instruments as representations of intimate cosmologies is probed in an evening that promises to initiate the audience through several stages of idiosyncratic rituals.

Performance schedule:

19:00 – 23:00 Installation:
Mellifluous – Yolanda Uriz

20:00 Bank Hall:
OHHO – Wen Chin Fu 10′
Ground – Jeroen Uyttendaele, Dewi de Vree 20′
Notesaaz Trio – Erfan Abdi, Matteo Marangoni, Ben Terwel 15′

21:00 Vault:
Laptop Music – Jonathan Reus 20′

21:30 Bank Hall:
Monodrone – Joris Strijbos, Nicky Assmann, Daan Johan 15′

22:00 Board room:
Candle – Mariska de Groot, Matteo Marangoni 10′
Epileptic shadow puppet has hard time – Mariska de Groot, Dieter Vandoren 20′

22:30 Bank Hall :
Feedback study #4 – Àngel Faraldo, Yolanda Uriz 30′