No Patent Pending #34

October 13, 2018
iii workspace, Willem Dreespark 312, The Hague
Doors open at 19:30, program starts at 20:00 sharp
Entrance €5.-

Artists: Nina Runa Essendrop, Geert-Jan Hobijn, Jaime del Val, Philip Vermeulen, and Andreas Trobollowitsch

Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish artist and larp designer with a masters degree in Theater, Dance and Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action. Nina is an active player in the Nordic Larp community. She has designed and produced blackbox larps, freeform games, large scale-larps, audience inclusive larps and larp festivals and she has collaborated with artists in both Europe and New York. She has designed and run workshops, larps, performances and interactive theatre pieces at among others Transmediale 2016 (Berlin, Germany), Momentum: The 8th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art (Moss, Norway), The Flea Theatre (New York, US), Dome of Visions (Århus, Denmark) and Ormston House (Limmerick, Ireland)

Geert-Jan Hobijn is the initiator of Staalplaat Sound-system. He has been the organizer of many sound art and performance events in the past and is head of the Staalplaat record label that hosts leading cutting edge experimental music acts. Within the current mood of worshipping the latest technology in media art, Staalplaat Soundsystem provides a breath of fresh air, reminding us of the 100-year tradition of noise-making machines, in which “mad” inventors and various kinds of artists operating in the margins of the art world meet. All these installations were made with the same low tech working philosophy, making an installation look so simple that you think ‘I can do that’. The works by Staalplaat Soundsystem are usually brilliant in their simplicity, the first impression leaving no room for technological mystification.

Jaime del Val is a transdisciplinary media artist, philosopher, activist, promotor of the Metabody Project, Forum and Institute, and the non profit organisation Reverso, currently based in Madrid and the rural area of Salamanca, after periods in London, Florence and other places. Since 2000 Jaime develops transdisciplinary projects in the transvergence of arts (dance, performance, architecture, visual and media arts, music), technologies, critical theory and activism. Jaime’s projects propose redefinitions of embodiment, perception and public space that challenge contemporary control society as well as normative conceptions of affect, sex, gender and ability, and have been presented with over 100 performances and installations in over 50 cities of 25 countries, across Europe, North and South America Asia as well as Asia and Africa, mostly under the collective REVERSO.

Philip Vermeulen is a young upcoming artist from The Hague. He studied at the ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Conservatory & The Royal Academy of the Arts, The Netherlands. Vermeulen discovers primary phenomena in all kinds of media, sound, light, physics, and nature. He starts to fight and play with elements like wave patterns and interference. He then isolates these phenomena and finds the right parameters to control and compose with their characteristics. He builds setups and immersive installations of provoking experiences, which question the senses of the viewer by transporting them to another world.

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Andreas Trobollowitsch is a Vienna-based electroacoustic musician, composer and sound artist. He studied musicology and jazz theory in Vienna and Paris, and wrote his thesis about the spatial approach in the compositions of Stockhausen and Cage. Trobollowitsch works extensively in the fields of electroacoustic composition and improvisation, and has composed for dance, theatre, film and radio.  In his works, he mainly uses modified fans, guitars, tapes and field recordings. Recently he has been focusing primarily on conceptual compositions, sound installations and self-developed musical instruments. He has released CDs and DVDs on schraum, Monotype, Filmarchiv Austria, cronica records, and has been awarded the State Scholarship for Composition, the Start Stipendium for music and performing arts, as well as numerous commissions and grants. He is one of the SHAPE artists performing at Novas Frequencias in Rio de Janeiro.

No Patent Pending #34 is presented with the support of Stroom Den Haag, Gemeente Den Haag and the Creative Industries Fund NL in collaboration with Stichting WD4X.