On Illegibility at Rokolectiv Festival

September 27, 2019
Rokolektiv Festival, Bucharest, RO

Yun Ingrid Lee will be performing “On Illegibility” and giving a talk “Just Human Enough” at Rokolektiv Festival in Bucharest.

On Illegibility is a lecture performance on identification politics in the development and use of biometric technology (facial recognition and fingerprint scanners), ambiguity, and finally on strategies of camouflage and masking. This lecture unpacks the implications of being illegible in the eyes of the state and society, and sides with the aesthetics and politics of illegible and fluid bodies and faces.

“Just Human Enough: How to pass to other humans and machines” outlines the process of creating On Illegibility. It is also a survey on faces in the digital age, passing, and a history of camouflage.