PANT Public #4 – Can we live together? Humans and The Virus

Yi-Fei Chen

6th June 2021
iii workspace

PANT Public #4 invites artists to share their projects and thoughts in relation to viruses, human emotion and social interaction.

Invited artists: Pei-Ying Lin (Bio art) , Yi-Fei Chen (Social design) and TBA

PANT (Platform of Artists Netherlands Taiwan) Public is a series curated by Wen Chin Fu [1] and aims to open up discussions to people who are interested in Taiwanese culture from talented Taiwanese artists based in the Netherlands.

Pei-Ying Lin (TW/NL)

Pei-Ying Lin is an artist / designer from Taiwan, currently based in Eindhoven. Her main focus is the combination of science and human society through artistic methods. She has a particular interest in building common ground for different cultural perspectives, in regards to elements that construct our individual perception of the world. Recently she has been focusing on manipulating the boundaries of invisible/visible, living/non-living and finding ways to build tools and methods that facilitate such explorations. Recent achievements include: the Honorary Mention in Hybrid Arts Category of Ars Electronica 2015, Professional Runner Up in Speculative Concepts of Core 77 Awards 2015, BioArt and Design Award 2016, and the first group of Taiwanese artists of residence in the program of Accelerate@CERN. Her project PSX Consultancy is part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Architecture and Design, Slovenia.

Yi-Fei Chen (TW/NL)

Yi-Fei Chen, born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, received Master’s degree in Social Design from the Design Academy, Eindhoven. In her early explorations, she focused on reflecting on the interaction and relationship between human beings and the environment by discussing the significance of the mass production of products. Her works challenged the inevitability of existing knowledge and recognition in society using satire. Through exploration and introspection, the theme of her creation has gradually extended to cross-cultural identity and generational anxiety, presenting the life experiences shared by herself and her generation.

Chen often uses sophisticated devices to demonstrate the dynamic relationship between the individual and the internal/external world, or to propose a moment of reflection on the world through the recreation of existing objects. Expressing her internal experience in a real yet absurd, impactful yet introverted design language. The contradictory characteristics of her works are often widely discussed on the Internet. Chen has had exhibitions in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, and Dubai.

PANT Public is presented by iii with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NL and The Municipality of The Hague