Perpetual Beta – Jonathan Reus

Saturday July 3rd
The Grey Space in the Middle
19:30 – 00:00
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Tickets are €10 and provide access to Moving Downstairs, the Closing Event with Constant Dullaart and the Exhibition
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Perpetual Beta reaches its conclusion with a special edition of their music and performance program Moving Downstairs.

Moving downstairs is a bi-monthly program that focuses on concerts, auditory performances and experiments, immersive sound pieces and collective experiences. Depending on the setting, the audience might be seated, standing, dancing, behind a screen, or specifically placed inside the basement of The Grey Space.

For this occasion there will be a live coding performance program in which Timo Hoogland, Jonathan Reus, Carolien Teunisse and eerie_ear participate in an audiovisual conversation. Noémi Biró actively engages the audience in her ongoing research on augmented reality. The basement becomes a room for positive interference and digital alterations. Siuli Ko will end the night with a DJ set upstairs.

Before the Moving Downstairs program starts you can attend the Perpetual Beta Exhibition and Closing Event with a presentation by the Perpetual Beta makers Luna Maurer & Roel Wouters (Moniker), Jeroen Barendse (RNDR), Carolien Teunisse and Sabrina Verhage, followed by a presentation by artist Constant Dullaart. Optionally you can join for dinner.


  • 12:00-00:00 Perpetual Beta Exhibition
  • 18:30-19:30 Dinner
  • 19:30-19:45 Welcome and introduction by Marijke Cobbenhagen
  • 19:45-20:30 Presentations Moniker, RNDR, Carolien Teunisse + Sabrina Verhage
  • 20:30-21:00 Guest lecture by Constant Dullaart
  • 21:00-23:00 Moving Downstairs: Noémi Biró, Timo Hoogland, Jonathan Reus, Carolien Teunisse, eerie_ear
  • 23:00-01:00 DJ: Siuli Ko.The program is curated in collaboration with iii, Creative Coding Utrecht and Netherlands Coding Live.