Reading Room #7 – Subtraction and Differentiation


img: Haus-Rusker-Co

Date: 14.01.2016

Guest readers: Jamie Allen & Will Schrimshaw

Text: Deleuze, G., Difference and Repetition (2004), Simondon, G. On the mode of existence of technical objects (2011)

Location: Stroom Den Haag, Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

Time: 17-19h

Artists in residence Jamie Allen and Will Schrimshaw will lead two reading room sessions around the topic of noise as a form of pure potential. These sessions will discuss texts from Michel Serres, Friedrich Kittler, Gilles Deleuze and Gilbert Simondon.

following from: Reading Room #6, 10.01.2016

The Reading Room is a series of reading groups revolving around short texts provided by invited guests – contemporary researchers, cultural theorists, philosophers and artists – who join us to provide insight and context to the topics at hand. The Reading Room is a joint cooperation between the artist-initiatives Platform for Thought in Motion and iii. We ask that those interested in joining please reserve a spot by sending an email to