REFLECT – Experiments on the interaction of light and sound


Opening: 6th of March, 19:00
Open: 7th – 15th of March, 12:00 – 18:00
Finissage: 15th of March, 17:00

Opening of the exhibition by Prof.dr. Vincent Icke (professor Theoretische Astrofysica, Universiteit Leiden and endowed professor Kosmologie, Universiteit van Amsterdam. Vincent Icke is also a visual artist.)

Location: Stichting EAPLab
Beatrijsstraat 12 2531 XE Den Haag

Participating artists: Erfan Abdi / Channa Boon / Mischa Daams / Mariska de Groot / Dewi de Vree / Gaby Felten / Vincent Icke / Remco Jongejan (Studio Rubins) / Matteo Marangoni / Anna Moreno / Awinash Panchu / Sara Pape Garcia / Evelina Rajca / RMP (Liam Niemeijer, Boaz Kok and Savas Tubbing) / Rubins J. Spaans / Mark Veliscek / Thom Vink

EAPLab is proud to present the exhibition REFLECT – Experiments on the interaction of light and sound. REFLECT will give form to a dynamic and experimental space, an ongoing program of performances, installations and sound and light compositions in the building of EAPLab. A group of interdisciplinary artists turn the building into a workspace, a window into EAPLab’s laboratory, revealing the connection between experiment, process and finished art works.

REFLECT has been made possible by the support of Stroom Den Haag and Rnul Interactive.