Sound Art Exhibition at Kruithuis for November Music 2018

November Music – Installation Expedition 2018
November 3 – 10, 2018
Kruithuis, Den Bosch
Entrance: €4/8

Artists: Geert-Jan Hobijn / Staalplaat Soundsystem, Dianne Verdonk, Elise ’t Hart & Nils Davidse, Evelina Rajca and Falco Pols.

Every autumn in occasion of November Music festival, the sound art exhibition at Kruithuis offers an experience of music, sound and machines within a unique historical location. The rooms of the 17th century ammunition deposit in Den Bosch come to life with inventions by contemporary artists working with sound, light, movement and space. Visitors are invited to take a tour through the building which promises to expand how we can imagine music. 

For November Music 2018, Matteo Marangoni of the sound art collective iii has invited 5 artists with diverse backgrounds to create 5 autonomous sound installations that will inhabit the rooms of the former military building. Five different works exploring acoustic properties and musical potentials hidden within simple materials and found objects: the fragile and haunting resonances of glass, the violent beating of hammers on metal, a collection of vintage electric air organs, the intimate act of singing through skin serve as the starting point for new experiences in sound, space and vision.

The exhibition can be viewed only by attending one of the tours on the festival schedule linked below.

November 3rd at 20:30 at the start of the concert program PLUG. 

Between November 6th and November 10th.

Following the the last tour, which will be starting on November 10th at 21:00, there will be a finissage with performances by Dianne Verdonk and the trio Ohm (Geert-Jan Hobijn, Gijs Gieskes, Radboud Mens) who will perform “Death of an installation by Ohm”.


Curated by: Matteo Marangoni
Tour leader and educational program: Bart van Dongen

Presented by November Music in collaboration with iii and STOK