Surfing the Semiosphere workshop at TodaysArt


workshop led by Jonathan Reus & Judith van der Elst
25 Sept, 2015
13:00 – 15:30 @ Scheveningen Pier
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The senses are a primary source of knowledge and aesthetic experience. Even though in western thinking we have separated these domains into rational and emotional experience, our bodies don’t ‘think’ that way. Exploring different sensory and non-sensory experiences outside in Scheveningen, a world that is continuously re-created by the power of waves, the water, sand, and air, the workshop will expose you to new ways of thinking about temporality and experience, reflecting on the dance between meaning and sensation and allowing you to learn to surf this sphere.

A cartographic map presents a world populated by objects fixed in time and space. However all the signals that our sensorium groups into ‘wholes’ consist of a constant stream of interaction between energy and mass. The world as we experience it is temporal/temporary at a human scale. In this workshop immerse yourself in this sea of signals, signs and symbols, and explore ways of mapping these experiences as they emerge.

Artist Jonathan Reus collaborates with anthropologist/archeologist Judith van der Elst to research the ways in which sensory flows emerge into meaningful wholes. They host a workshop in which they will explore the natural landscape of the dunes in Scheveningen, and reflect on how we can record and map temporal experiences, using a collection of recording media, including biometric sensors, GPS trackers, and the data-gathering devices such as sound recorders, cameras and smartphone apps which are brought by the participants.

Support: Sissel Marie Tonn

What to Bring:

Participants should bring recording devices – this is not limited to sound recording, but we encourage recording methods for other modalities such as location, wind and weather, temperature – e.g. cameras, smartphone apps (GPS, weather, heartrate, etc) & writing tools.

We will provide geospatial maps of the area for record-keeping as well as some custom-made mobile EDR sensors for tracking activity within the sympathetic nervous system.

The workshop is accessible with:

– a 15 EUR symposium day pass (10 students)
– a 35 EUR festival day pass
– a 50 EUR festival pass


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