Yolanda Uriz at STEIM Open Days

STEIM Open Days
October 31 – November 4, 2017
STEIM, Amsterdam

Yolanda Uriz will carry out a residency at STEIM to finalize a new
installation for the MICRO-TONE exhibition. It will be premiered on the
31st October and it will end at the Museumnacht Amsterdam on the 4th

~.Soinusain.~ proposes an intimate immersive experience inside
sono-olfactive micro-environments.

Traditional perfumery classifies scents into base, middle and high notes
to compose fragrances, just as musical chords are constructed with
musical notes. This installation explores combinations of sounds and
smells considering the wavelength of the sounds and the molecular size
of the scents presented. As synesthesia has been explored in the arts
mainly by blending vision and hearing, Soinusainburu is part of my
research into synesthetic experiences that combine sound and smell in
relation to space.

It shares the vision of the currents of opinion that question the
artwork as an observable entity, distant and aseptic, and invites us to
penetrate inside it. The body acts as an active agent in the exploration
of the artwork by introducing our head into cubical hexagons where do
not need to move, just sense. The fact of being deprived of our sight,
enhances the information given by the rest of the senses, so that we can
be transported to other abstract universes.