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Flap Flap at Clash Groningen reviewed on Cultuurpers

CLASH is een lofzang op de kunst

Philip Vermeulen presented Flap Flap at Clash, Groningen. It was reviewed by Lies Mensink in Cultuurpers April 10, 2019.

“Although the sound of Flap Flap at first has something of flapping, the installation soon moves so fast that with a chatter like a jackhammer it drowns out the thundering music of the party below. The man in front of me takes another step backwards… I myself also stay at a safe distance: “what if a point breaks loose from the canvas?” It is something that Vermeulen deliberately plays with, he says the following day: “I try to make my installations in such a way that you do not completely trust them as an audience.” Due to the rapid shocks, little remains of the square surface, the patterns hypnotize; I see a desert landscape in a storm. When Vermeulen plays with the light, the orange surface seems to glow like a tropical animal that inflates to do a mating dance. The audience cheerily encourages it.”

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