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iii artist in residence Hans Beckers, featured in De Groene Amsterdammer

iii commissioned a new work for Hans Beckers’ residency, ‘La Floresta’, which explores the focused experience of listening as a means to connect more deeply with ourselves and our environment.

“Beckers’ La Floresta can be seen this autumn during November Music, a festival for new music in Den Bosch. If you leaf through the program of the coming edition, you will notice a certain cohesion around themes such as nature and ecology.

He explains his preference for natural materials from a desire to let nature speak for itself. And yes, he is well aware of the paradox in that statement. ‘Of course, as an artist I create an artificial frame, but within it natural materials are always my acoustic starting point. Preferably as pure and unpolished as possible. I want to let the sound of the material itself be heard, without trying to perfect it. A stone is as dear to me as a Stradivarius.'”

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