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iii obtains structural support for 2021-2024

We are overjoyed to announce that iii has obtained structural support for the coming 4 years. Over the past year our team has been hard at work to prepare for this challenge. We could not wish for a better outcome.

Our plan for 2021-2024 has obtained the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL, gaining second place nationally amongst applicants for the 4 year funding program and securing an annual contribution of €268,570. The advice of the Fund states: “it is good to see how a grassroots initiative has grown over the past seven years into an energetic institution that produces, facilitates and succeeds with its own agency in distributing works internationally […] If the committee looks at the quality and the degree of innovation in both the content of the program and the form and role of the organisation, it can only conclude that iii is exemplary in each of these criteria within the creative industry.”

At the Municipal level, the committee of The Municipality of The Hague has issued a positive advice on the plan presented by iii, advising that iii receive an annual contribution of €65,500. “The Commission is enthusiastic about the interdisciplinary focus of iii, and the way iii actively focuses on connecting different domains such as science, technology, performance and music. The artists at iii have different cultural backgrounds and explore in their public program the artistic implications of the changing technological society”.

This result means that iii will be able to grow as both an organisation and program, offering stronger and far reaching contributions to the field of Art, Science and Technology. Starting from iii’s specific focus on performance, technology and the senses, we have outlined three themes which will be underpinning our activities: “Technological Imaginarium”, “Dance of Agency” and “Meeting at the Margins”.

As an organisation, we will bring in new team members to broaden our capacities. The two major areas of growth in our plan for 2021-2024 will be in distribution and education.  We are excited to work with new partners across the globe to facilitate the circulation of artists and connect artists to new audiences. In the field of education we are also developing new workshop programs aimed at promoting technological literacy through creative approaches and including participants with diverse backgrounds. 

For the first time, after 7 intense years of activities, we will be able to offer (part time) employment contracts to the members of our team. This result also will make it possible for us to better apply Fair Practice conditions to artists, program curators and educators contributing to our program. 

The opportunity for growth that has been offered to us is a great privilege, we will do our very best to carry out the responsibilities that come with it. In taking this responsibility, we will be listening closely to partners and collaborators. We wish to thank everyone who over the past 7 years has contributed to our activities and helped us to grow. We invite you to let us know what we can do better and what we can do for you. We very much look forward to the exciting new developments that the next 4 years will bring.