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iii Sensory Kits featured by Performing Arts Fund NL

iii Sensory Kits have been listed as a featured Production by Performing Arts Fund NL. (available in Dutch and English)

“Inspired by the history of the Flux kits published by Fluxus Editions in the 1960s and 1970s, the Hague-based artist organization iii presents ‘iii Sensory Kits’. The Sensory Kits bring physical, experiential artworks home. The first three iii Sensory Kits feature works by iii members Wen Chin Fu, Lauren Jetty and Matteo Marangoni with Dieter Vandoren. The packaging was designed by iii members Koenraad de Groot and Mihalis Shammas.”

Order your kit HERE, each comes with an optional free workshop, and iii Sensory Kit #1, Sugar Instrument, Tang is part of Rewire 2021

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