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Joana Chicau Interviewed On Jegens & Tevens

Artist in residence Joana Chicau was interviewed by Cathleen Owens on Jegens & Tevens.

Joana Chicau is designer, researcher and coder, who frequently pulls from her background as a classically trained dancer. 

“I was looking into choreographic scores, mostly from post-modern dance and simultaneously looking at scripts that you would use for web design and for coding online. I was interested in how those languages are structured, and how we name certain elements. Both of them are languages that are assigning instructions on either how the body or a piece of information should behave. I was curious to understand the common features but also the ways the two worlds contrast.”

“Sometimes when I’m performing and I misspell something and create an error, I can hear the audience gasp, and murmur amongst themselves. It’s interesting to be able to bring this physicality into people who are reading code, which is something that is often so abstract and not particularly emotional. Also because I play with silence, there are moments where every noise the audience makes becomes a part of the performance.”

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