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June COVID-19: limited opening

Due to the updated COVID-19 measures that will be introduced in The Netherlands on June 1st, we are happy to announce some limited opening arrangements to our project space. Please find a thorough guide to the new measures HERE 

We will be kicking off with Matters of Being #1: Ordinary Sounds (Alvin Lucier, William Carlos Williams) on 7th June, the first in a screening series at iii curated by Nele Brökelmann. This series presents documentary films about artists, thinkers and scientists, as well as experimental films by artists and independent filmmakers. Social distancing rules limit our capacity to 20 seats per viewing, so please get in touch to reserve your seat here!   

The workspaces have been open to members during this time and we have kept a positive momentum with online events and distanced working; for example NL_CL online [un]concerts, Rumoriii Radio shows, Pant Public discussions, the installation of work of previous quarantined residents, Crystal Radio Workshops and Perform It Yourself scores.

More information on individual events can be found on our website, vimeo and youtube channels as well as facebook and instagram.  

It is also possible for to rent the project space for time limited projects so please don’t hesitate to contact us, additional information can be found HERE