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Nibiru at GOLF Festival reviewed on Jegens & Tevens

Mariska de Groot performed Nibiru at GOLF Festival December 21, 2018. Frits Dijcks reviewed the festival and the performance on Jegens & Tevens

“Nibiru is an attempt to visualize the orbit of the unknown planet X, which travels through our solar system. And there is no computer involved. However, an overhead projector. The artist has created an extremely transparent machine consisting of four pendulas, a rotating platform, a projection mirror and a needle that scratches a path in a black-painted glass plate. The artist takes on the role of captain on the journey through our solar system and operates the installation with feeling and knowledge.

Her presentation arouses curiosity about the precise operation, resulting in a stream of public interest after the show. It illustrates the difference in perception between an experimental demonstration and a hermetic computer-controlled set of a vj that has safely hidden behind a table with buttons.”

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