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Open Call: Illustrator for The Blueprint Series

We are looking for a technical illustrator who can make hand drawn illustrations for our new publication series called “The Blueprint Series” consisting of 8 printed books published over a period of three years (2022-2024). The publications will be preserving and open sourcing performative and staged works of sound art. We may wish to continue the series after this period with more publications in the same style.

It will be up to the successful candidate to suggest a style that will be suitable for all 8 publications. Each publication will contain either many small simple drawings or one large complex drawing that contains all the elements. It is not industry standard technical drawings we are looking for, but drawings that can be used as a manual for a layperson, while also communicating the concept and inspiring the reader.

We are looking for candidates:

– with a good sense of balancing the informational/practical with the aesthetic.
– able to draw in hand.


The job will be payed 800 euros per book (total 6400 euro).

How to apply:

Send a portfolio or a link to a website where we can see an example of your drawings to