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Pedalling SeaSides highly recommended by the Journal of Sonic Studies

11220774_959459844112196_4983259259391594095_oPhoto by Sharon Stewart

The Journal of Sonic Studies highly recommended a visit to Pedalling SeaSides on their Facebook page.

Sharon Stewart wrote about it:

“The composition did not disappoint. With rousing music that launched our trip from the shopping center (full of beach paraphernalia, poffertjes and friet), special effects that worked to propel us up and down the hills, sonic material that seemed to be pulled from Dutch archives (to my ears, not being on a bike myself) as well as from field recordings from the surrounding land, and more ambient sine-like tones that intertwined nicely with the movement of the body and the winding of the paths, the composition showed a depth of research and skill in creating a layered, unpredictable, yet immersive experience with a sense of humor: by the sign WILD ROOSTER, which in Dutch refers to a grate that prevents wildlife from moving up a stretch of paved path, we hear a… well, I won’t spoil it.”

Read the full review here.